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If you frequent our café, i'm sure you've noticed that something is missing. THE ART! Are we done with it? is it coming back? What's going on? Fret not, we can explain. As many of you in the Niagara region know, we close our Welland location every year for a little over a week every Christmas. This year is no different, except we are taking a few extra days to make some changes to our space. The pandemic changed how we now do business. Somethings for the better and somethings (like our indoor seating) for the worse. Having said that, we are taking our Xmas break to paint, do some renos, move shelving around and updating seating. We will be...

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Chemex Recipe (The Way We Brew It #1)

Chemex Recipe The time has come! Here is a quick an easy way to make a Chemex for 2-3 people, the same we do in the shop! What you'll need: 48 grams medium ground coffee 800 grams filtered water Kettle Scale Timer Chemex Chemex Filter How to brew: Start by turning on kettle full of filtered water Put your chemex on the scale Add filter (3 layers to spout, 1 layer to rear) Rinse filter with hot water and dispose of water With chemex on scale, add coffee and tare. Start timer and pour 100 grams of water on coffee (enough to cover grounds) Wait 45 seconds- allow coffee to bloom Pour the remaining water until the 2 minute mark-...

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      Art has been an integral part of Black Sheep since day 1! Hundreds of artists have showcased their work here, adorning our walls with love and creativity. We have never charged a fee, nor taken a commission upon a sale. Some pieces have been here for years, others have changed month over month. We look at our walls like a really chaotic living-screensaver.       So much of what we have become is due to the many artists that create here, or showcase their talents here. Musicians, poets, and visual artists give us the feeling that our building is alive. That feeling can't be bought, or sought after, it can only be built by a community.    ...

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What Happened to the Black Sheep Lounge?

Well, the Lounge is dead. It has been laid to rest. After almost 7 years it was time to say goodbye to "Lounge" and hello to "Black Sheep Coffee Roasters". We haven't gone anywhere, we just had to update our name to more appropriately suit what we are- a coffee roaster!  In 2013, 2 years before we opened our doors, we chose the name Black Sheep Lounge for our small Welland café. It was meant to be a caffeine and community hub for the downtown. After a year we somehow turned into a restaurant- and because of the word "lounge", many people mistook us for a bar. On top of this, we discovered that the graphic artist that designed our...

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